Succession Planning Services-SPS can help by preparing for you an independent, third party valuation in order to determine the true market value of your business.


An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business.   Finding a profitable practice can be difficult and very time consuming.   Succession Planning Services-SPS offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible


For most successful advisors, protecting their family and leaving a legacy is the most important aspect when selling their practice.   While price and terms are important, the fit between buyer and seller is the paramount consideration.

Valuation Points

Potentially earn hundreds of thousands more in selling your practice, while reducing your costs

Why work with Succession Planning Services-SPS ?

SPS-logo-200In Succession Planning, Failure is NOT an option !!   Without a plan you will lose all of the equity you have worked so hard to build up in your practice.  Therefore, protect your family & your wealth and implement a Confident Succession Plan today.   As an advisor, you have planned for others, now plan for yourself !!!

At Succession Planning Services-SPS we are an independent consulting firm specializing in succession planning, business valuation, continuity planning & acquisition needs for financial advisors and registered investment advisors.   As a company that specializes in helping financial advisor practices, we will give you the tools needed to properly protect your firm, value your practice and transition your business, either now or in the future. You want professional leadership from an advisor who understands the unique characteristics of the industry when selling, buying or transitioning a financial advisory practice.  That is exactly what Succession Planning Services-SPS offers.   We can help you implement succession strategies for both sellers and buyers of practices through identifying and introducing prequalified candidates, as well as, protecting your clients, your family & your practice.

As a former Ameriprise financial advisor and a CPA, I know the importance of having a Succession Plan in place.   Unfortunately, over 70% of financial advisors have NO Succession Plan in place to protect their family and to create a lasting legacy!!!   A Succession Plan is of little use if it only exists in the business owner’s mind.    It needs to be formalized in writing and communicated to family members, key partners & key employees.   The Succession Plan should include a timetable of key events or triggering events that could or will happen.  Specifically, what course of action the practice owner plans to take, when & how.   In summary, as an advisor you have planned for others, now plan for yourself !!!


As we all know ‘time’ is our biggest asset and ‘procrastination’ is our biggest risk!!!    I can speak from experience, as a former Ameriprise financial advisor I had a Succession Plan in place that I utilized in selling my practice.   Also, over my 34 year career I have successfully implemented and executed numerous Succession Plans.   I would be happy to be a resource and help you answer any questions, so you can set-up a critical Succession Plan. – click here to get started.

Three Services offered:

(1)  Succession Planning
For most successful advisors, protecting their family and their practice is the main reason they setup a Succession Plan.  At Succession Planning Services-SPS, we are experts at helping both buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of transitioning their practice.   The process can be emotional for both the buyer and seller and it involves a significant commitment of time and resources. Normally, you only sell one practice in your lifetime, so you must get it right the first time.   Succession Planning Services-SPS can facilitate the entire Succession Planning process and we will strive to save you both time and money. With our 34 years of experience, we will manage the transition of your practice by providing world class service and innovative solutions. Click here to learn more…

(2)  Business Valuation
Do you know what your business is actually worth? The value of your financial planning practice may in fact be your largest asset.   Understanding what drives this value is critical to making great business decisions.   Knowing the value of your practice is essential to creating an appropriate Succession Plan.  Also, knowledge is power, so implementing the correct tax strategies as it relates to the structure of your practice is extremely important. Click here to learn more…

(3)  Continuity Planning
Continuity Planning is a dress rehearsal for Succession Planning.   It is when an advisor needs to develop a continuity (death and disability) buy-sell agreement. Given that one’s practice is likely an advisor’s largest financial asset, why would you NOT have a protection plan in place?  Failure to plan for the 4 D’s: Death, Disability, Divorce, or Departure has a significant negative impact on an advisor’s family and estate.   Click here to learn more…

About Us


Just like Ameriprise, Succession Planning Services-SPS mission is to help people and financial advisors feel confident about their financial future. Furthermore, Succession Planning Services-SPS mission is simple – help financial advisors protect their family and their practice with a succession plan and manage the transition of their practice by providing world class service and innovative solutions.  more…

Our Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs guide our company in every decision we make each day. This allows us to serve you, our clients, to the best of our abilities and always do what is in your best interest.   more…

Jerry Pollard, CPA

Jerry-Pollard-headshot-200Jerry Pollard is the Founder & President of Succession Planning Services-SPS.  Jerry has brought his extensive experience to guide & lead financial advisors in succession planning, business valuation & acquisition strategies with over 34 years of experience. As a CPA and a former Ameriprise financial advisor I bring a unique and fresh prospective to implementing a Succession Plan.  more…

Cathy Pollard 

Cathy-Pollard-picture-200Cathy Pollard is also a Co-Founder of Succession Planning Services-SPS.   Cathy is using her extensive experience of helping to guide individuals and families from her 34 years of experience while holding various professional positions.   She has outstanding communication and people skills that bring a unique and fresh prospective to Succession Planning. more…