Why work with Succession Planning Services-SPS?

About-Us--1-350Succession Planning Services-SPS is a leader in succession planning & business valuations.  Providing “innovative solutions” to your succession plan and unrivaled services to enhance your practice and your succession planning experience.  Succession Planning Services-SPS understands that a financial advisor’s greatest asset is their business and when looking to transition they need more than just a typical ‘for sale’ sign.  At Succession Planning Services-SPS we are passionate about helping advisors unlock their potential and offer top of the line professional services to advisors for all their buying, selling or transitioning needs.  Succession Planning Services-SPS individual approach allows advisors to connect with their best possible match.  We are recognized experts in the financial advisory field, as a result we know how to guide and help our clients on a personal level.  We have a clear focus and the ability to generate fresh & innovative ideas to unlock the perfect solutions for your business.  Succession Planning Services-SPS has constant contact with our clients from the beginning to end and afterwards, so you can be reassured that we will meet your needs and wishes, throughout your transition process.   We will strive to save you time and money with our 34 years of experience and knowledgeable advice in implementing your critical Succession Plan.



Just like Ameriprise, Succession Planning Services-SPS mission is to help people and financial advisors feel confident about their financial future.  Furthermore, Succession Planning Services-SPS mission is simple – help financial advisors protect their family and their practice with a succession plan and manage the transition of their practice by providing world class service and innovative solutions.

Our Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs guide our company in every decision we make each day.  This allows us to serve you, our clients, to the best of our abilities and always do what is in your best interest.

·      Trust

·      Integrity    About-Us--2-500

·      Client focused

·      To protect your family

·      Excellence

·      World class service

·      Open communication

·      Respect

·      Passion

·      Innovative and strategic solutions

·      Community service

Jerry Pollard, CPA

Jerry-Pollard-headshot-200Jerry Pollard is the Founder & President of Succession Planning Services-SPS.  Jerry has brought his extensive experience to guide & lead financial advisors in succession planning, business valuation & acquisition strategies with over 34 years of experience.  As a CPA and a former Ameriprise financial advisor he brings a unique and fresh prospective to implementing a Succession Plan.    Over the years, Jerry has helped to facilitate successful transactions for large and small companies & for financial professionals looking to grow, merge, and sell their businesses.  Jerry worked as a CPA for Peat, Marwick & Mitchell, now KPMG in their audit and business valuation departments.  He helped start-up two new banks and held executive management positions, while helping the first bank grow to $1 billion in assets and then implemented a transition plan to Bank of New York, then launched a second bank and helped it grow to $100 billion in assets, before it was transitioned to Bank of America.  While at Ameriprise he was #1 in sales nationwide for first year advisors & was recognized at the Ameriprise Career Development Conference (CDC) for this accomplishment.


Cathy Pollard 

Cathy-Pollard-picture-200Cathy Pollard is also a Co-Founder of Succession Planning Services-SPS.   Cathy is using her extensive experience of helping to guide individuals and families from her 34 years of experience while holding various professional positions.   She has outstanding communication and people skills that bring a unique and fresh prospective to Succession Planning.





Our team of highly skilled professionals are actively engaging advisors who are buying and selling practices.  We will work with you through negotiation, agreement, due diligence and problem resolution; we will help you to avoid complications, so you can move forward with confidence.  You can count on our experience managing different planning scenarios and will benefit from our ability to address your needs for your unique plan to find the right practice.  Our team can help facilitate the process through simplified solutions from beginning to end.  Our commitment to individualized and personal professional service has allowed us to deliver a high level of satisfaction to our clients.