An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business.   Finding a profitable practice can be difficult and very time consuming.   Succession Planning Services-SPS offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible.   When an advisor needs expert advice with strategic planning and acquisition growth, Succession Planning Services-SPS can help you achieve these goals, while providing world class turn-key service and innovative solutions.


Prequalified Program

Buyers to seller ratios are disproportionately high, but with our prequalified program you will be given the first opportunity to get in on practices in your immediate area.




      Benefits Include


  • Front line access to sellers in your trade area
  • Opportunity to pursue practices before market place and the general public
  • Access to one-on-one consulting designed to help you reach financial and business goals
  • Convey your individual value to potential sellers, while offering a third party perspective
  • Transactional support from beginning to end
  • Personalized campaigns providing service and coaching
  • Exclusive access to top advisors to facilitate deal structuring