-Continuity Planning: A dress rehearsal for Succession Planning.

Continuity Planning is when an advisor needs to develop a continuity (death and disability) buy-sell agreement.

Given that one’s practice is likely an advisor’s

largest financial asset, why would you NOT have a protection plan in place?

The five biggest reasons or road blocks why advisors don’t have a succession plan in place is:

  • Procrastination – finding the time to planContinuity-Planning-sub-tab--4a-500
  • Failure to get a valuation of their practice
  • Failure to identify the succession team
  • Failure to integrate the business succession with their estate plan
  • Failure to plan for the 4 D’s: Death, Disability, Divorce, or Departure


Through our partnerships with estate/business planning attorneys, collaboration with the Ameriprise corporate office, as well as, our team we are able to offer two unique turnkey solutions for Continuity Planning that remove these common road blocks.

Find the right turnkey solution for your practice:

(A) If your specific buyer is known…this is what you receive:

  • Professional Financial Business Valuation
  • A written Continuity Agreement
  • Consultation to review your Continuity Plan
  • Liaison to help you complete Ameriprise documents

Therefore you will have the confidence that your practice is fairly valued and your plan is executable.

(B) If a specific buyer has not been identified a Guardian Plan needs to be set up……this is what you receive:

  • Professional Financial Business Valuation
  • A Guardian Agreement written by an attorney
  • Consultation to review your Guardian Plan
  • Liaison to help you complete Ameriprise documents
  • Professional team to handle the transition of your practice in the event of your sudden departure.

Outlined below are 3 agreement types you can choose to set-up: Continuity-Planning-sub-tab-4b-400

  1. (1) Guardian Agreement:

This type of agreement simply arranges a backup CEO if something should happen to you. It typically does not require a practice valuation and comes with a right of first refusal to purchase and an exchange of fair value for services rendered or for buy/sell.

(2) Cross Purchase Agreement:

This agreement creates a formal obligation to buy/sell at the death, disability, or retirement of either party. This agreement requires formal documentation and a practice valuation.


(3) Option Agreement:

This agreement creates a formal obligation to sell at some point in the future and provides for death or disability in a manner similar to the cross purchase agreement.


With the Guardian Plan, in addition to the immediate value that you receive with your valuation and consultation, you receive an action plan that will be executed in the event of your death or disability.

  • Immediately, a guardian will be assigned to your accounts to handle your clients during the transition process.
  • We handle the complete process of selling your practice if you or your family choose and the following services would be provided:

– Listing your practice for sale

– Identifying and screening potential buyers

– Determining the best match

– Interviewing buyers & accepting bids

– Negotiating terms

– Finally, once the deal is completed, arranging for the payout to your estate and/or beneficiaries.


PROCESS OF SELLING YOUR PRACTICEContinuity-Planning-sub-tab-4b-400

In the event of your death or disability, immediately, Succession Planning Services-SPS will be assigned as a guardian to your practice. We work with your staff and Ameriprise Home Office to ensure the ongoing continuity of the practice to ensure that your clients continue to receive excellent service. Meanwhile, we will get to work in finding the right buyer for your practice, to ensure that your heirs receive the best value for the practice that you have built.

You will have the confidence of knowing that your clients and heirs are protected.