FREE-CONSULTATION-2-400A Succession Plan should be the foundation of your practice that you have worked on for so many years to build.   It is a critical part of your strategic business plan and estate/legacy plan.   A Succession Plan is a “Confident Retirement” program for yourself, as a financial advisor.   More importantly, it is for your spouse and family, so you can plan the future for them with confidence!!   We are all busy and most of us don’t plan to fail, we just fail to plan.   As a financial advisor, you need to take your own advice and implement a Succession Plan today!!   As we all know ‘time’ is our biggest asset and ‘procrastination’ is our biggest risk!!!    I can speak from experience, as a former Ameriprise financial advisor I had a Succession Plan in place that I utilized in selling my practice.   Also, over my 34 year career I have successfully implemented and executed numerous Succession Plans.   I would be happy to be a resource and help you answer any questions, so you can set-up a critical Succession Plan.




For 99% of all financial advisors, their Succession Plan will be the single largest financial transaction they will ever do.                                                                        Successful Succession Planning involves many critical pieces:

   – Finding the correct partner(s) FREE-CONSULTATION-3-450

   – Having a proper business evaluation

   – Implementing legal agreements that protect both parties

   – Accounting for proper tax treatment

   – Updating or creating death and disability plans for your business continuity; and

   – Reducing anxiety that clients feel when switching advisors, to just name a few topics.  


Please feel free to contact me at 302-743-5700 or email me at to setup a Free Consultation.   At that time, I can answer any questions about Succession Planning and we can have a conversation about establishing your Succession Plan.    I am excited to collaborate with you to establish a tailored Succession Plan that will protect your practice and establish your legacy.   Please remember, if you are part of the 70% that fail to plan, then you plan to fail your practice.   It is your practice, your plan & your family’s future.   Please don’t risk your family’s future or peace of mind, by NOT having a succession plan!!!