Succession Planning Services-SPS can help by preparing for you an independent, third party valuation in order to determine the true market value of your business. If you are planning on selling your business, or even if you want to create a death and disability plan, fair market values are a great resource for advisors that are wondering about the value of their firm for planning purposes.


Whether you plan to transfer your practice to a partner, family members, employees, or a third party it is important to understand the value of the your firm. Regardless of who is most likely to be your successor, it is important to know how and why that value can be different for each of the parties.  Succession Planning Services-SPS will provide you access to a network of prequalified buyers and work with you to facilitate the successful transition of your business. We help to clarify your vision, define selling criteria and evaluate potential opportunities against your goals to match you with a buyer. This proven process helps to reduce the headache of finding the right successor, thus removing the guesswork.



Why Have Your Firm ValuedSELLER-1-450

  • Determining the value of your business for a present or future sale
  • Succession planning
  • Updating or creating death and disability plans for your business
  • Implementing equity compensation strategies with key staff
  • Obtaining larger business lines of credit
  • Eliminating partnership disputes
  • Gaining more insight into your financial condition
  • Identifying key value drivers to increase business value

Why Create a Succession Plan

  • Have a plan in place in case there are unforeseen circumstances, such as death, disability, divorce or early departure (the 4 D’s)
  • Provide for and to protect your spouse and children
  • Ensure your estate plan is in place
  • Protect your legacy
  • Give you the ability to have more flexibility with your schedule
  • Help you to reduce administrative responsibilities
  • Fund the changeover of a retiring partner
  • Reduce the anxieties that clients feel when switching advisors
  • Ensure that your business will be able to continue to function and grow